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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 5, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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(male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> good morning. we begin this friday yes it is friday. with this live look from the roof cam. at 4:00 a.m. many people are going to the bay area specifically san francisco a ton of things going on. traffic is going to be difficult, to say the least. however, let us get the latest with johand janu -- >> good morning, james with mostly sunny skies and cooler temperatures. we will see that cooler range of
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temperatures come in, later. we will seek similar temperatures with the fog is expected to peeled back. with sunshine it this afternoon. and the fog will return for this evening. 50s through san jose, oakland and santa rosa. 57 degrees through the livermore valley. the afternoon high is going to look a bit cooler. with upper 70's perhaps mid 70's and low 70's. through los gatos, cupertino, evergreen. and near the east bay inland about mid 70's through antioch. concord. and through a san leandro and along the coast. perhaps if you degrees warmer than yesterday. and an mid-60s for san francisco. and for this afternoon with your kron 4 7 day around the bay
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cooling into your weekend. and a chance of showers as we start the work week. and traffic with erica. >> good morning. so far, just a handful of cars on the bridges going towards the toll plaza with no metering lights to deal with. the westbound, the east bound, and it is important to those tillites going out towards foster city. golden gate- southbound. tail lights however also looking decent. andr traffic maps the green showing could conditions from 1 0 1 coming out of coyote valley. with good conditions. check out the east shore. with wind speeds at 50 m.p.h. but no
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problems. 680 through san ramon with--vehicle speeds at 50 m.p.h.--and also muni public transportation is offering extra routes. with extra bus service and opti als to out the city. >> thank you. there have been five deadly shootings this week in oakland. they have been working overtime. these murders are not connected but part of the city-wide crime problem. police chief, howard jordan called the aid operation " cease-fire " cured of order, this church pastor says that this is not go far enough. >> this is one of the most dangerous cities in america. then i think that we need to declare oakland a state of emergency. then we have just
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described what is happened in oakland with five murders within 18 hours. >> the police chief, the city council they should say that this is enough is enough this is not afghanistan. >> with the last 10 months the amount of homicides. >> we talked about 90 people being killed is not a big deal. i guess because based on the past. >> the people here today are key community partners on the operation a cease-fire. they are lifelines to safety. in that program that will launch in about two weeks. we expect to focus on reducing gun violence, and including murders, shootings. building trust and sustaining trust within the community. >> we need to declare oakland a state of emergency. the homicides and then we can talk about these
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programs. right now, as far as the community it is a out of control. >> the 95, sought to defeat our an increase from last year when there were 85 murders. the 95-current homicide rate. 85 by this time last year. the city is facing the possibility that it could be taken over by the federal government. >> it is unconscionable and moral for us to wait and lower longer and not-to- morrow for us to wait any longer. >> the mayor. it is not moral for us to wait. >> they're not in compliance with the management of internal affairs. they're not in compliance with use of force. use of force reports there are not in compliance with the span of control having a number of sergeants cureand and they are not supervising the officers
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and they are not in compliance with a pass. identifying problem officers. >> they say that oakland has had over nine years to implement these changes that to with better identifying problem officers. the attorneys for the city are all to in cour on december 13th. >> in vallejo, the men were shot to death are described by members as the life of that neighborhood. kron 4 spoke to the neighbors. >> this quiet vallejo suburb saying that this shooting could never wear off. there o familiar faces that are dead toward this makeshift memorial is standing where they died. there is a third man that is facing charges for a double homicide. >> they have families, wives it is just that all the way are round. >> as the news made its way
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to the neighborhood. longtime neighbors of the 58 year-old man. dropped flowers, cards on the driveways were they were shot. jim says that one of the victims' names is mike. he said that might owned this home. >> is to garage was the central hub port to watch baseball games. to stand around and talk and have parties and drink beer. >> he said that mike and his friend " dog " were in the garage when they got into an argument with a 65 year-old that lives directly across the street. the martin got upset. and he is a veteran marine guard veteran has p t s d. and he got a gun and came back and shot them both. and it they were all three friends. >> neighbors say that there is an arraignment on friday
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in vallejo, kron 4. >> we will take a break. this golden gate bridge. more headlines, coming up
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>> will come back. the stock market closed better with encouraging numbers and job numbers. here is a look at the numbers. with 365 th,000 time of unemployment benefits. jones, nasdaq. you can see at the s&p 500 was also up by 10 points. apple's online store has been down this morning. typically, that is a sign that is going to be
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releasing a product. the remark is that it is an ipad mini. also has a last minute changes for the holiday shopping season. we will see what comes out after today. if you'd like to highlight a moment in your life on facebook? you are going to be charged. the social networking side is saying that users in the u.s. will be able to promote their personal posts for a fee. that service has started. they will charge $7 that wants to promote their news or updates. that option will also be of use for promoting events such as bans and parties. the mortgage rates fell to a new record low. and fifth the average 30 year fixed mortgage is at an all-time low of 3.6%. the fixed rate for a 15 year is also at a new record low of 2 + 69.
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the federal reserve saying that it will purchase $40 billion in mortgage-backed securities. until they see an improvement for the upcoming cured >> honda is pay recall of 820,000 vehicles. 20 02-20 06 civic and the 20 04-20 05, pilot as to be toward that was added back in the month of march. with all 3500 50,000 c r v 2000 to 2, 2003, pilot. on honda, there expansion of recalls. from model 20 03-20 07. the dealership will inspect and replace the wiring components if necessary. still ahead, gasoline prices in california. where can we expect to see those prices the highest court and how
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long will it last? coming up.
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>> welcome back. this man was shot in the castro district. take a look if you seen him, call police. >> this man was on the railways. that was apparently started throwing items at police.
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>> this tragic discovery was near this beach. there was a leg that was washed up on shore. a man in brisbane was arrested after 145 lbs. of explosives and marijuana at his residence. police initially responded on a cliff swallow court for domestic service call. and upon investigation they found what was explosives. the 46 year-old is booked in the san mateo county correctional facility until they can get more details. >> pg and he is arguing a more pg&e -- is arguing their role in san bruno. they said that they did not know about the state of the gas line. the rupture in san
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bruno killed eight people and injured dozens of december, 2010. >> gasoline prices are increasing. according to triple a. the fuel gauge in san francisco you can see it is going up by 165. the average in the city as 4:to to 95. last week, $4.24, right now, $4.49. and just tea just being? the price is noticed by drivers. >> i think that it is crazy. >> it is difficult to get around. >>reporter: there are a few more causes and reasons to triple a. >> we are having major issues with refineries in california. >> there are three refineries right now. the chevron refinery in richmond. it is still
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recovering from that fire in the month of august. that power outage at the exxon/mobile and maintenance at phillips '66. all have slowed down production. >> any time that there is a procession of slowing production will see an increase in prices. >> ganassi those decreases -- cannot expect those decreases soon. >> this could stay into effect for the next couple of weeks. >> what is also frustrating is that these prices are still what summer prices usually are. and the san francisco, kron 4. >> we will be following the gas price story throughout this morning. and let us talk about something more pleasant with the script forecast. janu?
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>> good morning. and i think that we have a decent forecast. and towards saturday. fleet week is coming up. the festivities in san francisco it looks like the forecast is up about that morning fall could burn off. in time for the blue angels. however, let us also check the commute with iraq,. >> good morning, james. there are no problems on the freeways. eric utt-- >> good morning, james. and erica with just a few cardwith not many problems just a few-cars. with the fremont maze and the westbound, east
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bound, just 13 minutes from each and from the golden gate, practically no cars. it is practically all yours coming out of marin county. on the traffic map, looking good to the 680 interchange. nothing to worry about coming down the nimitz freeway. as return our attention to the north bay we are seeing plenty of grain. this speeds over 50 m.p.h. and that drive time of 23 mph out of novado. before we get to what weather. 23 -- m.p.h. drive time. there is
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>> fifty's right now through san francisco. and well as concord, 58 degrees in oakland. 50 degrees in santa rosa. 57 degrees in livermore. we are going to track those temperatures on futurecast. by 10:00 a.m. will start to see those 60s indicated by the green card by noon, 60s it is not until the afternoon when we could see those so the four degrees expected
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in los gatos. low 70's with 74 degrees expected in los gatos. 73 expected for walnut creek. mid-60s for the east bay shore. mid-60s for downtown san francisco. and for the north bay a mixture of upper 60s as well as 70's. your kron 4 7 day around the bay it is showing that we will continue to fill the cooling trend for this weekend. along with a chance of showers. sunday, but mostly towards monday and tuesday >> we will be back. still ahead, and american airlines is going to fix those seats. they have the option come loose during three different flights they
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have come loose
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>> there have been tainted steroid injections from massachusetts is the culprits. it is issued a recall. and has shut down operations. however, this is including 23 different states. we will let you know as this information continues. >> american airlines mechanics will fix those airplanes that will prevent airplane seats from coming loose. the airline says that there was additional preventative measures and
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upgrades with locking mechanisms. there were 50 flights canceled and there could likely be more because of the maintenance work. the faa says that the decision will be implemented, it soon. >> the child of jerry sandusky is getting their child back. the wife put up $50,000 back as collateral for the $200,000 bond. yesterday a judge in pennsylvania gave that bond back to the wife of jerry sandusky he is going to be in court next month. he is convicted of convicting -- molesting ancollege students on at the university campus. >> there is a new type of
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dinosaur that has been recently discovered. the paleontologist saying that this was discovered in 1923 beef published his findings on the online publication of science journal. he saw this first as a graduate student and this creature was about the weight of a house cat. about 1 million, 2 million years ago. the paleontologist describes is as somewhat of a bird. perhaps with a vampire characteristic. it is pretty unusual. we will take a quick break. we will be back with more toward this live look toward westbound looking decent.
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>> welcome back. contra costa are saying that more birds have tested positive for west nile. this recent heat wave is causing the spread. and residents should be taking preventative measures. so they do not be infected. the ctc saying that these six birds and a chicken were found in brentwood. pleasantville,
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walnut creek. that chicken was found avgroup in oakland. and make sure to not touch any of dead birds. they could usually be infected. >> a politica--this man is being held possibly shooting his neighbors between vallejo. and they were found dead in their front yard. this was a 45 minute standoff between police. this was the 17th/18th homicide between vallejo this year. >> the other oakland over violence however, this crime spree continues. there is a new cease-fire program by one of the pastors saying that this program does not go far enough. >> this is
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one of the most dangerous cities in america. then i think that we need to declare oakland a state of emergency. then we have just described what is happened in oakland with five murders within 18 hours. >> the police chief, the that this is enough is enough this is not afghanistan. >> with the last 10 months 95 murders. the amount of homicides. >> we talked about 90 people deal. i guess because based on the past. >> the people here today are key community partners on the operation a cease- fire. they are lifelines to safety. that program that will launch in about two weeks. we expect to focus on reducing gun violence, and including murders,
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shootings. building trust and sustaining trust within the community. >> we need to declare oakland a state of emergency. the homicides and then we can talk about these programs. right now, as far as the community it is out of control. >> the 95 current homicide rate is an increase from last year when there were 85 murders. 85 by this time last year. the city is let us check with john nejanu -- >> good morning. we are waking up too low clouds and dense fog. janu. even cooler conditions expected possible. along the coast, 50s and 60s. that fog will
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peel back along the coast where we are expecting that sunshine. it will continue overnight and even widespread. taking a look at those temperatures. 50s in san francisco. and 57 degrees in concord. a little bit chilly in santa rosa with 50 degrees. livermore, 57 and as for the afternoon highs will be pretty comfortable. with low mid 70's. 74 degrees and los gatos. and 69 degrees expected in redwood city. mid 70's for the delta. 73 in livermore, walnut creek and 60s for alameda. mid- 60s for downtown san francisco. a mixture of 60's and 70's in petaluma, novado your kron 4 7 day around the bay we will continue to see those 70's
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for the weekend and a chance of showers. with monday and even to stay. and mid-70s for the inland areas. tuesday-with shower chances. >> no hot spots. you can see plenty of green. no problems on westbound to the tunnel. however, there could be a vehicle stalled but i think that is east bound. the east shore for a week, no incidences, highway no. 4 is easy coming out of antioch. the east shore freeway, no problems. let me show you some of these live traffic cameras. looking at this approach the traffic is increasing. still looking decent with no metering lights to deal with your
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commute. we are not seeing any backups at the toll plaza, or the bridges spanned only 13 minutes. at the golden gate, 101 southbound that live look showing of practically no cars. overnight roadwork. between the golden gate and marin county. just one lane. it should be picked up as we go towards 5:00 a.m. >> decision 2012. mitt romney and barack obama are both an agreement that jobs is a paramount issue. however, they have different strategies. this is center stage on the political playground. >> getting americans back to work is the goal for both presidential candidates. however, they have different ideas on how to get that
4:37 am
done. the election is one month away. they are each sang at their own formula is a winning formula. president obama sign @ mitt romney cannot pay for his plan without sticking it to the middle tax. >> we cannot double down on a top-down economic policies that got us into this mess is not a jobs plan is not a plan for the economy. it is not a plan to strengthen the middle class is not change is a relapse. we are not going to do it! >> this was an fisher is no, va. when a mitt romney saying that barack obama has not created more jobs or made promises that he made. >> we are not going to let that happen to want to create jobs would not want to kill jobs and this country. >> when asked when would best handle handle- unemployment. you can see in
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the numbers from this cnn poll. >> next week, vice- presidential debate go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2. >> coming up we will have more of your days news and a number live look. with weather, traffic
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>> good morning. i want some money. >> i guess that he is asking
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for money for votes. also, off take a look at these people parking. these people are blocking the entrance. while this guy is not behaving badly his stretching routine is rather interesting. remember, to not leave your gps like this one and this one, and this one. basically you are saying a free gps that is scary. and they are going to be fighting over your gps. off >> we will have more about fleet week and the exciting >> we will have more about fleet week and the exciting event, [ female announcer ] now you don't have to give up.
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you can give in with dreyer's slow churned light ice cream. we churn it slowly for all the rich and creamy taste with just half the fat. so now you can have your ice cream and it eat it, too.
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>> fleet week was the biggest around the bay. the blue angels of our already are around the crowd and grant lotus. he was a lucky one to get a ride in the cockpit with the blue angels. it is a navy precision flying team. take a listen to his experience. . >> that is great. where are we? after takeoff. . the
4:46 am
speed of sound. >> i can hear it. the speed of sound. >> that is even below the speed of sound. and there he goes >> the sites, the sounds and you can see what it was like but even behind the controls of the blue angels fighter
4:47 am
jet? we found out. take a listen. >> the is the u.s. as a bowling hornet. this is one of the oldest. we put a shiny paint job on it and this is all completely functional. with the words and markings allowing this tight formation. of all the 18 in.. this is our commanding officer, this is the no. 3, this is the no. 4 pilot. >> this requires an intense amount of focus it is kind of like an athletic workout every time we fly. when we are flying that fast and at that altitude without speed. it requires focus, and intense concentration. and the athletic ability that we are doing the right thing. not ask for a more stunning background with the golden gate and alcatraz. and just
4:48 am
the topography, the geography is going to make for some challenges. and our maneuvers. with slight adjustments to a profile. it will make it that more visually stunning. >> pretty impressive. if you cannot make it into san francisco. you can catch it on your television. and watched the blue angels to watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. hosted by george rask and mark danon. also, the blue bluegrass festival. into the golden gate bridge. charles clifford has more on that. >> this stage is constructed
4:49 am
completely with our crew. >> sherry helped the bluegrass festival 12 years ago. thursday afternoon, they were putting final touches on the venue. >> we have most of the hot audial and staging. a lot of these offenses and traffic items still need to be built. >> this will start on friday with children stay in the general public saturday, sunday with six different stages. each will have dozens of attacks that are free. last year, 700 to 2000 people. this year, it is a very busy weekend in the bay area. that is added an extra challenge for organizers. specifically how people will get here to golden gate park. >> with falling other items going on a what safety with public transportation. respecting the neighborhoods is a big priority. they livin your themselves.
4:50 am
>> and also supplies for newcomers. >> take public transportation, bring water, dressed in layers and try something new. perhaps listen to a band that you never experienced or are not familiar with. walt to a different stage. >> in san francisco, charles crawford, kron 4 news. >> there is a lot going on. talking about all the different events and the traffic. let us talk about the weather is going to be key. >> good morning, james. we are going to be dealing with fog this morning, and even this weekend with the band showers later this weekend. you can see widespread fog and by buying a.m. still most of the bay area. not until this afternoon it will
4:51 am
dissipate along the coast and we are expecting to see sunshine. and will move in, overnight. and if upper 50s. throughout the bay area. with santa rosa. and that is showing us on futurecast but by 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m., 60s indicated by the green on your screen. and the afternoon highs with 70's. still much cooler. with 8:00 p.m., still dropping right back down to the 50s. tracking the numbers it will be nice. with 70's and comfortable. through campbell, santa clara, milpitas, and plenty of mid 70's through danville and pleasanton. and your kron 4
4:52 am
7 day around the bay those mild conditions will continue. and afternoon sunshine. it will continue with shower chances sunday and monday. we do not have any hot spot is a great time to leave your house. that morning construction is just clearing up. with more traffic, steadily increasing. no delays on the incline. and on the san mateo bridge no problems through the bridges, just 13 minutes and the golden gate. the headlights are making their way towards the city with no issues of visibility. plenty of space between cars and as we take a look at our traffic backups some slow conditions of northbound
4:53 am
101. at the 87 interchange. on the cameras just a few moments ago. the interstate 280 looking good. approaching cupertino and as we look at our east the maps. everything looking these into the tunnel and also no problems as we mentioned, there are a lot of weekend events. public transportation, muni will have extra bus routes. the best way is the 47 l from the van ness route and they are running extra for the america's cup. >> we will be back with much more coming up. this is a live look at the america's cup. just one of many things going on. you could be watching the airplanes and the yachts...
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robin roberts is recovering. take a look at a replacement. >> let us speak. ann romney will be co hosting a good morning america on 2010. alec baldwin will be playing on 30 rock. he
4:57 am
received a pay cut of 20% in order to have a 7-8 season. he realized that times have changed they received a " no comment ". and big bird is not exactly a hot button but after the presidential debate. medtronic has ruffled feathers. >> i love pbs. - bid from the -- hamet rodney has ruffled feathers. >> thank goodness pbs issued this statement that they do not comment on political campaigns begin happy that everybody likes big bird. for hollywood minute. >> still ahead, more west nile threats where areas are
4:58 am
more prone. and gasoline prices increasing. and it is going to be exciting in the bay area with the blue angels, fleet week. much more. with a preview, coming up .
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(male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> the top stores the we are following san francisco is gearing up for one of the biggest weeks with the top stories jackie has an update. >> get ready for some serious sticker shock on the gasoline prices. >> and it is going to be packed in san francisco this weekend. with fleet week and the america's cup. to get you more news faster,
5:01 am
jackie. good morning. >> some of the action oh my gosh! everything is covered. we have action on the water, the air, golden gate park, at&t and even on the streets of san francisco. there i the are plenty of events. so many things are going on the that they think that the population of the city could double. 1 million visitors could come into the city. we even have a list of venues. fleet week is the big one with the blue angels are going to be flying. and along the the embarcadero, the waterfront and the america's cup. the bluegrass festival at golden gate park. the giants game. on saturday, sunday, the castro street their card and on sunday, there is a standards is the 49ers game. there is a parade for
5:02 am
columbus day. and if you're coming to any of these events take public transportation. golden gate, unique to not use your car. even use a bicycle. muni-- anything but to not use your car. it is going to be gridlock. take mass transit, or car pool. >> you know, they half carmageedon.. how about san francisco crush.. i'm just trying to think about this crazy event. >> we could have had t- shirts doing double duty. promoting the weekend with so many items going on. >> you think that there are so many spots but it is nothing compared to what is going to be here. from the bridges are going to be packed. >> we are talking about 1
5:03 am
million people coming into the city. and as i mentioned, try something besides using a vehicle. >> i'm good to talk myself out of it. and to watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. hosted by george rask and mark danon. in joy. james? >> let us enjoy it. and we do have some fog that could be impacting the blue angels. >> good morning. we have been looking get the computer models and we will see that coming in from the north wind pushing that fog. we should see clear conditions if you want to watch the blue angels. however, you can always watch to watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. hosted by george rask and mark danon. with low clouds and fog. and a couple of spots could be
5:04 am
more cool compared to yesterday. with your afternoon break down and even sprinkles coming up in my next report. >> there is a quiet start. because it is friday there could be a bit of a light truck. currently, a light drive and as we seek a typical light drive through when no. 4 and interstate 580. the rest of the drive looking decent on the freeways. >> one of our developing stories out of albany. they have released a detailed account. of this middle school teacher. alleged of having relationships. confirming that there have been multiple victims of this case. will has the latest. what that report details. >> after james izumizaki was arrested on september 26th. the albany police was not popular with the community
5:05 am
and that he committed suicide. there is a lot of anchor. and they simply believe that the investigators are wrong. there's a lot of cash public outcry. this is a photograph of james and izumizaki. he was the athletic director, a coach and teacher. he there was a vigil and people were in tears they could not believe the charges because he is a good man and popular. perhaps a girl had a crush on him. and it was not his fault. sometimes stores get out of control. stories-can get out of control. right after this vigil. there be multiple times saying that victim's would not clarified. late last night the police chief issued a news relief and there are three bullet issues. they did not do this on their own date presented
5:06 am
all of their evidence to a judge. the judge looked at the evidence before issuing the warrant for the arrest. they tried to make sure that there was an independent third party to look at this. and when they looked at this news release they started with " the victim ". ash to continue it changed to plural. they are intimating that there could be more than one victim. and also there could be possibly a digital recording. the police chief saying that there could be more digital evidence. there will be a memorial at the school and even though he has committed suicide. we cannot know how much longer this investigation is going forward. however, the police chief is continuing to seek out any more possible victims.
5:07 am
>> thank you. >> and also watching gasoline prices they have spiked. if you have not noticed you are going to be shocked. aaa has the latest with 165, overnight increase. take a look. with $4 with one year, $3.91. usually, the refineries will switch to cheaper winter blend. they could be coming down but there have been disruptions with the august chevron fire. reducing at a reduced capacity and a power failure. impacting the exxon/mobil refinery. and also the crude pipeline has i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle.
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>> we are writing for the jobs report. taking a look at the markets. we are watching-the jobs. with futures trading at slightly lower. just two more jobs reports before election day. one is scheduled for this morning. and mediocre job growth. and the unemployment rate. could be increasing by 8.1%. watching oil prices. with light crude and futures also increasing by $3.57 . oil is trading at $91 per barrel. and it is coming down a bit. more on the bay area gasoline prices, coming up. >> contra costa health officials are on alert as
5:12 am
more birds have tested positive for west nile virus. the contra costa district saying that six birds including a chicken were all found in brien corp., concord, discovery bay and walnut creek. found in brentwood and that chicken was part of an group and oakley. the heat wave caused the fires to spread quickly and people need to take preventative measures. so they do not be bitten by an infected mosquito. report finding a dead bird because they eat it are often the first sign the west nile by of break. >> first public statement released by pg&e and not wanting to pay for the gas
5:13 am
line explosion in san bruno
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>> they are saying that food prices are likely to stay at an increase. with grain supplies impacting also dairy prices. >> online pharmacies are being cracked down the could be unsafe, not approved or even fake. it brought civil and criminal charges against thousands of internet pharmacies. this is the international wheat o actio-- the international effort to fight down on the cyber misleading sites.
5:17 am
>> check it out, even snowfall in denver. >> clear, dry, but let us get a check of your traffic and weather. and this live shot from san francisco. let us get a look at weather, traffic. >> good morning. we can see off your kron 4 7 day around the bay on want to highlight that we have some changes into the weekend. again, we have the possibility of some showers. it looks like we have that increasing for the next work week. getting a look at the weather headlines. and who will continue with a cooling trend toward and the coast with clouds. as we go towards tomorrow will continue with cooler temperatures. temperatures will be in the mid 70's. and again we have the potential for wet weather. a 20 percent chance for monday, tuesday. the futurecast showing that by 3:00 p.m.
5:18 am
60s, 70's. and as we go for 8:00 p.m. we will see 50s and 60s. let me break down the afternoon highs neighborhood by neighborhood. we are not going to see any 80s. '60s and '70s. it is going to be a day of 70's for concord, pittsburgh, antioch. and we will see that sunshine and cooler than usual temperatures with upper 60s. berkeley. 56 degrees expected for san francisco. if you're going to go to fleet week there is going to be fog. however, because of the wind coming out of the north it looks like it will clear. blue skies and sunshine for the afternoon. certainly, however chilly. temperatures will be in the mid '60s at best for saturday, sunday. and to
5:19 am
watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. hosted by george rask and mark danon. your kron 4 7 day around the bay cooler conditions on tap. for wednesday, thursday. >> still, quiet around the bay area. we are not tracking any hot spots the bay bridge toll looking at only nine minutes even from the macarthur maze towards san francisco. the san mateo bridge is not even started to slow but construction delays between 8:00 a.m.- 10:00 a.m. several mornings have had it delays even towards the toll plaza. the golden gate still an easy drive. the bridge spanned also looking decent with just two lanes are north and the four lanes are going sel--south 14 minutes from
5:20 am
hercules towards berkeley. 16 minutes from the coyote valley north towards santa clara towards marin county, the 101 with the green on the sensors. speeds and 23 minutes from the 37 to the golden gate. there has been a major backup on the bay bridge last night. this car was caught on fire this chevrolet blazer. it was engulfed in flames. this was reported at 9:20 the third, the fourth, the fifth lanes were impacted and blocked. there was an alert issued. >> pg&e is arguing that a new court filing that they should not have to pay damages to survivors of the deadly san bruno explosion because officials did not know the the pipe was fatally flawed. this is
5:21 am
after dozens of civil lawsuits have been filed against the utility company. without going to trial the russiakilled eight people and damaged several homes. >> the coroners office saying that a foyt and a leg have washed up on beach and a foot this hiker went missing back in the month of march. and his leg and foot were washed up on shore. we still do not know how he died. >> i want to remind you that the blue angels are here. to watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. hosted by george rask and mark danon. 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. >> president obama and mitt
5:22 am
romney on the campaign trail. what they are saying about the upcoming debates. this approach with traffic is light texpect a crush of traffic. with a decent amount of events for the entire city. >> with all of these events is going to be in saying insane fran cisco...
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
>> decision 2012. mitt romney and barack obama are is criticizing mitt romney. saying that his tax plan favors the wealthy. and
5:26 am
>> where he would cut the deficit and spending he said that he would eliminate funding for public television. (audience boos) >> that was his answer. and thank goodness somebody is getting tough on big bird. it is about time. we did not know that big bird was driving the federal deficit. >> obama has campaign events for virginia, cleveland, ohio. >> mitt romney and paul ryan are going to be holding their own debate. there are in virginia. and the ticket and why this was a good night for americans. >> i got the chance to see the attacks, the counter
5:27 am
attacks and the association with this campaign. and the next presidential debate is on october 16th and new york. the next vice presidential debate will be on our go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2. >> still ahead, gasoline prices are jumping. i just filled up yesterday. i almost got a heart attack. $4.60 per gallon. taking a live look. we will update you on gasoline prices and also for the latest gasoline prices
5:28 am
vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
5:29 am
today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. >> welcome back. 5:29 hand
5:30 am
cold, warm, what ever we have had it is the cloud and the fog, ericka. >> that is correct, darya. i'd been watching this and the computer models show that we have the wind coming out of the north. that fog will be pressing out, as we go for the a afternoon. we will see sunshine and blue skies for downtown san francisco. if you are going to the fleet week festivities. today, some morning fog will fog to contend with. with upper 70's and also that fog will make a comeback. and for tomorrow, that cooling trend will continue gradual sunshine toward i will show you what is on tap and where that potentially is for wet weather. >> still a light drive. no hot spots. were major problems. we do have light
5:31 am
traffic for the east bay. or-no major problems high wind before, and interstate 580 but no stop and go or even slow and go yet. the peninsula and the east shore freeways are also doing a decent. the right to run the bay also looking decentered the san mateo bay but also so far, smooth cured through the san mateo bay. looking -- decent. >> it is going to be packed. with fleet week. we have the bluegrass festival. and we also have the america's cup. you see jackie are you at chrisy field or more in the field? >> this is right west of the marina green. and we are east of chrisy field. you mentioned that it is event a geddon... with evgolden gate.
5:32 am
at&t park and the streets of san francisco. they think 1 million people could be pouring into the city this weekend. to take in all the events that are supposed to happen. it is going to be busy, to say the least. here is a list of events. first, there's people angels with fleet week. and san francisco's bay area. and there is the america's cup. with the race on the bait and the blue grass festival at the golden gate park. the race-on the water with the america's cup. and also, the castro street fair, and to top it off, the 49ers. and also baseball. there are great events. everybody is going to be out and about. please keep in mind that it
5:33 am
is probably best for public transportation. ac transit, muni, bart. even a bicycle. not only will it be packed but parking is going to beat at a premium. they want to have people enjoy themselves but to not get caught in traffic. it is going to be great but it is going to be crowded. >> absolutely, event a geddon.. we were thinking about what we recall that. and let me give you some other suggestions. one of our producers says that it is going bee san francisoc and jam francisoc and fill up gasoline prices
5:34 am
are jumping. if you've not noticed? get ready. aaa is saying that it has gone up by 165. and where are you mic? >> i am in pleasant hill. michael?-i am in pleasantville. the drivers are in for a big surprise. here in applause until the prices are $4.83 per gallon in pleasant hill. it is significantly higher than just yesterday. the prices are higher bay-area wide court 165, overnight. just this spike. and according to aaa. the average price is $4.59. that is 165 higher than yesterday. and even 355 higher than just wayone week
5:35 am
ago. and oakland also showing an increase. in san jose, not much relief. $4.53. that is up by 165 from yesterday. and 355 yesterday last week. if you're coming out to fill up? brace yourself and be prepared. you are going to have to pay more. perhaps we are just not lucky because this trend is isolated to california because of the refinery fire. there was a plant and southern california that lost power earlier this week. that is helping to fuel a spike in gasoline prices but what are you going to do? and sometimes public transportation is not an option. >> and sometimes i think that there is always a reason but michael, i paid
5:36 am
$4.60 and i nearly had a heart attack. and viewers, be prepared. they are definitely going to be about 155 more per gallon than just yesterday. >> we are learning more of of this shooting with a san mateo sheriff's deputy. the suspect, the 29 year-old was shot and wounded when he refused to get off the train tracks in san jose. he began throwing rocks and even rural road equipment and throwing it at officers. and but he is expected to survive. san francisco police are releasing a sketch that shot a person in the mission district. take a look. 16th in the month of june. the person was beat outside of the bar. if you know this person, you are e requested-to call police. >>this just in to the kron 4
5:37 am
news room there is been a surprising drop in the unemployment. from 8.1, to the amount of 7.8 that is the lowest in 44 months. and looking at the latest numbers. over 14,000 jobs are added to the u.s. economy and the month of september. and also, the jobs that were created in july and august. this big decline could help president obama that is coming off of a disappointment with the latest debate. however, this could go from 8.1-8.2% or more, it is now 7.8%. it is the lowest in over three years. >> thank you. american airlines wants to fix its airline seats.
5:38 am
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5:41 am
getting steroid shots for back pain. they contracted this rare form of meningitis. they are concerned that hundreds or even thousands of people could have gotten tainted steroid injections from a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. it is suspected to be the source. and there has been a recall with a shutdown. it has been sent to 75 areas including states and there is in california. >> the airline seeks to fix the airline seats. the engineers figured out additional, preventive measures to upgrade the mechanism that locks the seats to the floor. flights were canceled, and 44 will be flightwill be cancelled tomorrow. and also, the decision will be 88. and
5:42 am
tomorrow. and also, the decision will be 88. and they wi[ female announcer ] now you don't have to give up. you can give in with dreyer's slow churned light ice cream. we churn it slowly for all the rich and creamy taste with just half the fat. so now you can have your ice cream and it eat it, too. [ female announcer ] now you don't have to give up.
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you can give in with dreyer's slow churned light ice cream. we churn it slowly for all the rich and creamy taste with just half the fat. so now you can have your ice cream and it eat it, too.
5:45 am
>> this is a preview. with the vent the events. and when prices are and how you can avoid getting a shot at the gas pump. and also from the
5:46 am
albany police chief. he has released a new account of what happened to james izumizaki. of having an improper relationship with a student. there was the possibility that the accord have been more victims. we will have more on that. >> fleet week has arrived. but what is it likely to be behind the control? we found pilots yesterday. >> it requires an intense amount of focus it is kind of like an athletic workout every time. when we are flying that close to each other and that speed it requires a lot of focus, and intense concentration. and the athletic ability to make sure that we're going there right thing. >> and give it a look. to watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. hosted by george rask and mark danon. presented by
5:47 am
chejeep. one of the other events in san francisco is the bluegrass festival in golden gate park. the festival is free and it always attracts many people. hundreds of thousands of people and it goes over three days. and the final touches are being put into place for this event. it started 12 years ago they have been six stages. >> take public transportation, dress in layers, bring water and try something new. perhaps go to a stage that you have never heard of. and you can walk to a different stage. >> you can see all of those
5:48 am
people. it kids off today with kids a day today and the general public is saturday, sunday. 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. with all six stages. and dozens of attacks everything is free they are expecting a lot of people. last year, there were 750,000 people. >> still. there's just no way to accommodate all of those cars. let us take a look at the traffic on the golden gate. the san mateo also looking decent. and with a lot of traffic lingering. and we want to take a look at the weather. >> good morning. we do have some stubborn clouds. it is slow to clear. and some clouds for this afternoon but overall, blue skies. we are taking a live look at
5:49 am
downtown san francisco. the lights from the tops of the building. the satellite and writer showing that more rain covered and that cloud that radar-with widespread. we will see temperatures in the 50s. oakland. and antioch. low 60s in fremont, hayward and redwood city. as we isee those temperatures by futurecast by 3:00 p.m. the afternoon highs. the majority will be in the 60s. it is going to be a cooler. with no 80s. the yellow is indicating where we could see 70's like in napa. and parts of the south bay but again not much 70's. and with 8:00 p.m. we will see the 50s. taking a look at the afternoon highs. 69
5:50 am
degrees in his sunnyvale. and santa clara. and even the 70's in antioch but mid- 70s for walnut creek, castro valley. it is going to be pretty mild for the north bay. 60s in petaluma. downtown san francisco, 66 degrees. as we take a look at the weather story the lingering clouds for this weekend. timing it out it looks like the wind will press it out for the afternoon. in fact, the national weather service has taken fog out of the forecast. and it is going to be perfect for those in towing fleet week. and other activities. enjoying-fleet week. for the next workweek with a 20 percent chance of showers. we are tracking a low pressure system. it does not look like much but just sprinkles. and we will seek
5:51 am
mild conditions as the go towards next week. >> thank you, erica still, no hot spots and light traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. as we check the bridges, no problems to the macarthur maze. or the nimitz. it will see the possible backups. the san mateo bridge has been creeping up. and several days and the construction on the base of the high rise. that same construction will force the closure for tw halfo weeke this month. and also, fairly smooth. that same closure will impact the closure for two weekends >> from the benicia bridge towards danville also looking decent without delay-4 record and also the
5:52 am
san jose looking slow through the 101 northbound. for dan bell and also for marin county madison baumgartner will be the starter for sunday. >> he is a great guy in the rotation. and we will keep all our options open. game 3, 4, 5 and we will switch the order. we decided that game one, game 2. >> game 1 will be tomorrow at at&t park. at 630 and the official start of game 2 is
5:53 am
yet to be released. the detroit tigers and the triple winner will be cabrera and parker will be the starter for the oakland athletics and the will return to the oakland coliseum. the oakland raiders and the san francisco 49ers are going to be planning at the candlestick park. they play in the same division as the arizona cardinals that are in first place. they lost last night to the st. louis rams scored 17-3. the niners could be tied if they have a victory for first place
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> 5:56 your kron 4 7 day around the bay the weather is going down but friday, saturday, is when we have a plethora of the fence. not just in san francisco but
5:57 am
many -- events with the america's cup, and the bluegrass festival at golden gate park. friday, saturday, sunday it will be morning fog expected for the blue angels is show. air show it should be decent. and next week, looking decent. >> going for the weekend we will know that gas prices are increasing. if you fill it up we will see an increase just from overnight. the albany schoolteacher investigation continues even after he has committed suicide. pretty shocking details. and you to not want to masmm
5:58 am
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